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Yup, it's cold af outside...try these teas to get you through.

Being in the Northeast and having just received a few inches of snow, it's not lost on us how f*cking cold it is outside. Good thing we have a bunch of boxes filled with things we can put in hot water to get the party started.

As I type this out I'm drinking a hot cup of Nut Cinn Apples. Because of it's strong flavor and non-earthy taste, Nut Cinn Apples is a fan fav amongst not only us but you guys too. Nut Cinn Apples was designed for tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers alike, something to vibe to on a cold day like today.

P.S. Lemon Courage is also great when out baring the elements.

If you're looking to cop, get Nut Cinn Apples and Lemon Courage here.

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