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Why we retired Ginger Hendrix

At Trill Tea, one of our goals is to be as transparent as possible. To let you in on our thought process behind all decisions. With that being said here's why we "retired" Ginger Hendrix.

Before we launched Trill Tea back in 2016, we had discussions on how many flavors to launch with. We essentially started with 3, all herbals. They were So Far Goji, Nut Cinn Apples, and Lemon Courage.

It wasn't until right before making the final call that we decided to launch 3 green teas as well. We figured It would be great for the vast amounts of people who were already into green tea but were probably unknowlingly drinking substandard tea.

Those green teas were True Blue Berry Matcha, OG Phoenixberry, and Ginger Hendrix.

True Blue Berry Matcha because of it's extreme functionality, OG Phoenixberry because of it's organic ingredients, and Ginger Hendrix inspired by our Caribbean heads.

Being that we added the 3 green teas in later, we boxed less of them, just to be safe. We didn't want to sit on a bunch of tea we couldn't sell and were slightly uncertain of. After a few months of selling Ginger Hendrix, we sold out. However, as we personally spoke to customers the reviews were less than spectacular.

Some people loved it but many people were indifferent about it. That was enough for us to want to make a change. We've only been in business a year and a half so we're still testing and tweaking things. One of those things are our flavors.

We're fully self-funded by our founder Chaz, and try to do as much as we can on an extremely tight budget. We will continue to make changes as we can, to upgrade flavors, upgrade the experience, etc. If you have any suggestions or just want to reach out to Chaz personally you can hit him up at

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