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Throwback Thursday: Our 1 of 5 box collab with BK artist Chris Mischief

Here's a throwback to our 1 of 5 box collab we did with Brooklyn artist and founder of Fam, Chris Mischief. We learned of Chris through Instagram and loved his graffiti inspired style that encorporated icons like Tupac, Kanye, and Lauren Hill. His art typically runs in the thousands and really inspired us as soon as we saw it. After short notice and multiple talks about the vision of the collab we came up with his signature graffiti look with colors that bounced off the Nut Cinn Apples box and Trill Tea color palatte. We eventually raffled them off at the Coffee & Tea festival in Brooklyn. Each person that bought Trill Tea was automatically entered into the raffle. We've been building with him ever since and hope to eventually do more collabs in the future. You can follow him on IG @ChrisMischief and his new clothing brand @Fam. Look out for more collabs between us in the future!!!

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