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There's a disconnect: 3 Ways You're Doing Tea Wrong

If you're having trouble making a good cup of tea or don't think you've found a flavor that you like, don't worry you're not alone. There are many reasons you could be having a bad experience. Unlike coffee, tea requires a little are 3 ways to step your game up:

1. Your water is too hot

Not all teas warrant the same temperature of water. In most cases, using boiling hot water (212°) ruins the tea and makes it extremely bitter. One thing to keep in mind is that the lighter the tea leaves color the lower the temperature of water. Here's a guide:

2. You're drinking tea dust instead of tea leaves

Most people don't know that the current "tea" they're drinking isn't tea at all and is actually "tea dust". The grounded down remnants of tea leaves. That's kinda important because the only way you'll get a full bodied and flavorful cup of tea is if the tea leaves expand; which is impossible with tea dust. Here's the difference:

If you're drinking tea with a square tea bag, you're drinking tea dust. A cheaper less flavorful cup of tea. Most big companies have been selling this for years.

Real tea leaves usually come in pyramid tea bags. The reason is because the tea leaves need to expand to let the flavor notes out.

3. You never take the teabag out

We're the most informed generation ever and most of us still don't know that you're not supposed to leave the teabag in the water. Leaving the teabag in causes over-steeping and bitter taste. Do yourself a favor, read the box and take the teabag out when it says. 

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