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The Miseducation of Herbal Tea...

Herbal tea is the only "tea" that doesn't come from the camellia sinensis aka the "tea plant". In fact it doesn't even contain any of the plant in it.

The belief is that a long time ago herbal tea was named "tea" because people believed anything that was dipped in hot water was tea.

Herbal tea instead usually has a base of apples and hibiscus, which means... (drum roll please)

Herbal tea technically isn't tea.

Herbal tea not being from the "tea plant" is why it takes longer to steep than other teas, can be steeped at a higher temperature, and contains no caffeine.

Now, next time you run into a tea snob you can tell them the real.

P.S. the pic above is Lemon Courage. Cop it here.

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