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The Life and Times of True Blue Berry Matcha

The response to our matcha has been truly overwhelming and we appreciate the love; it's even become our best seller. Many people (who know of matcha) often ask why we decided to release a blueberry version in the first place.

The truth is, it's because traditional matcha tastes nasty. While I know the legion of traditional matcha lovers are going to kill me, I'm sorry to say it but it's the truth.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the caffeine and antioxidants but why can't I get that and still have great flavor too? One of the points of emphasis when we started Trill Tea was that we first had to like the taste of anything we sold (matcha included).

I grew up on quarter waters and project popsicles so jumping straight to the grassiness of traditional matcha wasn't really an option.

This is also why if you look at all of of our blends you'll see we tried to make sure we had fruit in every one (and why we add honey crystals with every order).

While we've been spending a good amount of time trying to get our blueberry matcha sold in cafes here in New York it's interesting to see how many cafes only sell matcha as lattes (not blueberry matcha of course). The truth is, if your matcha tastes great in the first place you won't have to add milk.

The genesis for us was that if you're looking to make the change from coffee to tea/matcha we should be able to make it as painless as possible for you (without loads of milk and sugar). That means not only giving you great tasting and functional tea flavors but also educating you on how to prepare your tea correctly in a modern way. I say all that to say, if you haven't tried our True Blue Berry Matcha you need to get on it asap.

Get it HERE.


Traditional matcha lovers please don't come for my head, please and thank you :)

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