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Philadelphia Charter School Does Trill Tea Case Study

THE LOVE IS REAL. This morning, while casually scrolling IG and posting random things to our Instastory I came across a DM sent to us from a Government and Economics teacher in Philly. He mentioned his students admiration for the brand and how he had them do a case study on it. We spoke about my coming up there to speak to his students in the near future. One of my main goals when starting Trill Tea was to inspire the youth the same way that Allen Iverson did me when I was younger. The idea is that, the inspiration would lead more of the youth to consider starting their own thing (see Allen Iverson and the Birth of Trill Tea post). This is definitely a step in the right direction toward that. I'm happy to hear the word spreading. The more the word spreads, the bigger and better experiences we can give you guys. I'll keep you updated if or when the lecture happens. Hopefully I can record the talk for you guys. Check out the DM below.

P.S. if you want to contact me or want me to cover anything specifically, hit me up on here, IG, or email me

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