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How MTV Cribs Inspired Trill Tea

It's a lesser known fact how much the classic show weighs on our daily decisions regarding Trill Tea. Let's set the scene...

We were still in the bling bling era.

It's 2005, Lil Wayne hasn't become an all time great rapper yet, Scarface is still the cultural movie of choice, and MTV still has a strangle hold on the youth of America.

MTV Cribs was where you got to see your favorite celebrity's cars, champagne filled refridgerators, and seemingly identical houses (minus Redman who had his episode in what looked like a modern day trap house and Mariah Carey's posh New York Penthouse).

After watching episodes from all 13 seasons, (yes somehow MTV cribs made it 13 seasons) one can't help but notice the similarities in cars, products, and even housing designs.

Although only still a kid back then, the fact wasn't lost on Chaz.

It didn't dawn on him then, but as he began work on Trill Tea one thing he could not get out of his head were how much the products in the celebrities homes didn't fit their lifestyle or even speak the language they spoke.

Whether it was just shoddy product placement or a cultural disconnect, the idea for bridging the gap with Trill Tea was born. The idea that there should be no gap between the products you use and modern culture and lifestyle. Your favorite brands should not only know you, but be able to create experiences that fit you. Because they come from you.

That means not just getting a celeb or influencer to do a commercial, but a fully integrated experience that is not only fully in tune with culture but an active parcticipant.

The concept of hiring Kendall Jenner for Pepsi commercials and A$AP Rocky for Hennessy ads is outdated. "Cool" should be built in from the jump. A$AP Rocky shouldn't be the additive but the foundation.

Trill Tea is the walking, living, embodiment of this concept. Cool people will no longer be hired for "the thing", they will be creating "the thing". What comes with cool people creating "the thing" will be the best, most intuitive brands and products we've ever seen.

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