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How Lamborghini inspired the Trill Tea box design

At Trill Tea we strive to create an experience unlike anything you've ever seen, smelled, or tasted before. We're working to created the best tea brand of all time.

We believe creativity and original ideas move the world forward not "what's worked before".

When designing the boxes we knew tea boxes typically had the "made for the cabinet" look. You know, the look of a tea box that's meant to be stored in your cabinet and forgotten about until you're sick and dying.

We felt why not create a design that people would keep on their table as a conversation piece. *In walk OG Phoenixberry*

Being our only organic tea we knew we wanted to set it apart from the other flavors. It was also the only tea we have with oranges in it.

After looking at multiple shades of orange, talk started centering around the new Lamborghini Aventador and how aggressive but clean it looked. After multiple talks about the supercar we decided to make the box Arancio orange, or "Lambo orange".

Hey we may not have that Lambo yet but at least the color of the box brings us all one step closer. (picture via

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