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Here's why we give free honey crystals with every Trill Tea order

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

The truth is, sugar sucks.

It's not good for you and it's super outdated. Honey crystals are the new wave.

First off, here's what honey crystals are:

Honey crystals are honey granules made from 100% all natural cane sugar and natural honey. They're easy to use and the most convenient way to put honey in your tea (or anything else for that matter). Honey crystals aren't sticky and can dissolve in cold beverages unlike regular honey. They're dope for travel, and legit the best option for tea.

Here's why we give them...

At Trill Tea we pride ourselves on being true to ourselves and knowing culture. Chaz, our founder grew up on quarter waters and a lot of other things that are bad for you, overconsumption of sugar happens to be one of them.

Although not an extreme health nut, he realized many people add sugar to their tea regardless of the taste (he was one of them). To combat how extremely unhealthy it was (Diabates happens to be a main killer in black people) he decided to help people use something healthier. Something that wasn't as harmful and could help ease people into a slightly healthier lifestyle. Honey crystals was that option.

Only invented a few years ago, honey crystals are something we give complimentary to add to our teas (or anything else for that matter) without killing you.

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