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F*ck square tea bags, here's why pyramid teabags are better...

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

Square tea bags for one, are made of cotton. The small and cramped nature only fit small ground up leaf bits, known as “tea dust”. Tea dust are the ground up remnants of tea leaves.

This matters because tea leaves need to expand for the best possible flavor. When ground into tea dust it's impossible for tea leaves to expand which makes it cheaper for companies but makes for a horrible cup of tea for you.

Pyramid tea bags are triple the size of traditional square tea bags and are made from nylon, which increases water flow and allows all of the tea leaves and ingredients to expand.

This lets the tea bounce around, and properly infuse in your cup for better flavor.

Unlike traditional square tea bags used by most supermarket tea brands, we use pyramid tea bags that can handle actual whole tea leaves.

Lesson to take away here? Square teabags don't love you.

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