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Allen Iverson and the Birth of Trill Tea

Allen Iverson was the G.O.A.T. At least that's what I thought. Being in jhs during his reign of basketball and cultural supremacy you couldn't have told me any different. I could appreciate the David and Goliath story of him going against Shaq and Kobe in the finals, and his run-ins with anyone looking to stifle him with the status quo. He was legit true to himself and real with all.

From the baggy clothes he wore to his signature braids; I wanted to be just like him. I would spend hours dribbling a basketball to get my crossover like his. So many hours in fact that I honestly wouldn't pay much attention to anything else. For me it was eat, sleep, breathe basketball and Allen Iverson.

Me and my friends would keep basketball shorts underneath our pants daily just in case a game broke out.

I don't really remember if I ever had any aspirations of "going pro", but I do remember how obsessed I was with everything Iverson and basketball. I think back on how much time I spent on the basketball court when I could've been doing something a bit more productive. Like the Pokemon card selling or personal shopping I would do for my classmates. They gave me money and I'd get them bags they wanted; Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. (Obviously I stopped once I realized the bags were fake lol.)

The reason I'm mentioning these things is because if an entrepreneur back then gave me the same feeling as Allen Iverson I would've started a business years ago.

This brings me to my aha moment and a lot of my "why" for Trill Tea.The kids are our future and over the course of years I realized that if I could create a dope brand that inspired the youth (the way Allen Iverson did me) maybe they'd be inspired to start businesses at an early age rather than try to make the NBA or be the next Drake (No knock on the 6 god).

There's nothing wrong with athletes and musicians but truth be told we need even more people creating things. Things that change the world, change families, and change ourselves. Next time you see anything from Trill Tea, know it's done from the spirit of Allen Iverson and the empathy of that child.

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